Thursday, 8 March 2018

Sonar Bangla College

Sonar Bangla College also SBC one of the great college in Comilla Education Board. In 2000, Principal Abu Salekh Mohammed Selim Reza Sourov founded the college. When it founded, the beginning time wasn't good for the teachers & student. But after 3-4 years, they got success & still today. Now it's most popular & most ranked college in Comilla. Many times it's got 1st result ranking in Higher School Certificate (HSC) examination. However, the educational period is great, amazing. For that, students make good results.

Sonar Bangla College

If you want to learn better, enjoy the study, then SBC perfect place for you. Because here you can enjoy all of your demands. In fact, in every celebration, festivals, you can enjoy perfectly.

  • Ranked college in Comilla Education Board
  • HSC great result every year
  • Enjoy study with festival
  • Make yourself as brilliant student
  • Do everything perfect here
  • Traditional education for everyone
  • 12th class education system (intermediate)
  • Enjoy with friends, teachers
  • Go to study tour when you read in 11th
  • Every year, you can go to Cox's Bazar or Foy's Lake tour
  • Regular class attendance with punishment system
  • Weekly tutorial exam (every Saturday) for better result
  • Weekly cultural program (every Thursday) for entertainment
  • Yearly average result sheet with great list
  • Weekly guide class or motivation class with guide teacher. That help to make better student, better result.
  • Weekly assembly in every Thurstday.
  • National celebration, holidays facilities for every students.
  • Religious holidays for every religion students.
 That the great story of Sonar Bangla College whic makes it fully different of the Comilla.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Comilla Cantonment

Comilla Cantonment most important place for whole city & also for Bangladesh. Because it's the 1st cantonment in the country established by British Indian Government. That is the great and important headquarter of the military camp. It's most important part and parcel of Bangladesh Army. The place located beside Dhaka-Chittagong Highway in Comilla City.

Comilla Cantonment

Educational Institutes

Here are many educational and traditional institute for students. If you need to learn great, make yourself best student, then it's nice for yourself. Let's see the most important institute in the area of cantonment.
  1. Ispahani Public School & College
  2. Comilla Cadet College
  3. Comilla Cantonment High School
  4. Comilla Cantonment College
  5. Bangladesh Army International University of Science & Technology
  6. Cantonment Boys High School
  7. Army Medical College

Great Places

Cantonment most secure place & also beautiful places for everyone. You can live here securely and dreamy. For entertainment, here have many attractive places. Just see from bellow and enjoy boring moments.
  1. Roopsagor Park
  2. English Cemetery
  3. Army Stadium
  4. Jogging Park
  5. Tree Plants

Cantonment Bazaar

You can now get all kinds of things from cantonment bazaar. Here you can get shopping items, vegetables, fruits, flowers, jewellery, banks etc. See from bellow which kinds of services you get from the market.
  • Banking facilities from various banks
  • 24/7 ATM withdrawal service
  • Shopping with family
  • Daily green market (vegetables, fishes, beef, chicken, fruits, flowers etc)
  • Repairing almost everything
  • Fast food items
  • Transport service all over the country
  • Sports etc
  • In a word, you will get everything here
So, Comilla Cantonment the awesome, amazing name for everyone. Visit here today and get enjoy the evergreen beauty of the Comilla.

Comilla City Corporation (CoCC)

Comilla City Corporation great and amazing city council. This historical council established at 1790. For that, it's highly traditional for Comillan people. This office highly worked for development of the city. Meyor the conroller of the council.

Comilla City Corporation

Here are some unknown facts about the greatest city council as brief..
  • Established: 1790
  • Headquarter: Nagar Bhaban
  • Address: Jail Roda, Jhawtala, Comilla - 3500
  • Mayor: Monirul Haque Sakko
  • Phone: +8808176099
  • Website:

Most Attractive Places

  • DhormoSagor (Lake)
  • Tomsom Bridge
  • Shalbon Bihar, Moynamoti
  • The Gomti River
  • Bibir Bazar Check Post
  • Lalmai Hill (Red Soil Hill)
  • Dhaka-Chittagong Highway
  • Comilla Cantonment
  • Moynamoti Museum
  • Ranir Dhighi (Pond)
  • Kandirpar (Center of the City)
  • Kather Pool (Wood Bridge)
  • Comilla Zoo
  • Town Hall (Public Ground)
  • City Park
So, it's the place of tradition. Take your trip right now on that amazing historical Comilla City Corporation. That will great experience of your life..

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Comilla Victoria College (CVC)

Comilla Victoria College also known as CVC. It's one of the oldest college in Comilla which founded in 1899. You can read that awesome, evergreen environment government academy at free of cost. There have many success students who made their great place after reading the academy. Take your chance and get success right now!

Comilla Victoria College (CVC)

Comilla Victoria College

Know the basic, unknown and interesting information about the CVC..
  • Established: September 24, 1899
  • Founder: Roy Bahadur Anandra Chandra Roy
  • Founded Era: British Indian by Order Queen Victoria 
  • Section: College & University
  • College Section Address: College Rd, Kandirpar, City
  • University Section Address: College Rd, Dhormopur, City
  • Phone: +8808165988
  • Website:
  • Buildings: Academic, Kola Bhobon, Science, Economics, Meloniam, Exam

Famous Victorians

Here are famous notable alumni, who studied that traditional college..
  1. Asif Akbar (popular singer)
  2. Bidhya Sinha Saha Mim (popular actress)
  3. Mujibul Hoque Mujib (rail minister, politician, member of parliament)
  4. Professor Fuzlul Halim Choudhury (vice-chancellor, University of Dhaka)
  5. Kazi Shamsul Hoque (journalist, editor in New York, USA)
  6. Dr. Akhtar Hamid Khan (principal of the college in 1950s)
  7. Abdus Sattar Khan (bangladeshi oxford scholar & aerospace researcher)
  8. Sachindra Lal Singh (1st chief minister of Tripura state, India)
  9. Masud Ali Khan (television, film & stage actor)
  10. Salauddin Mumtaz (millitary officer)
Need education with tradition or success? You must need the great, amazing, awesome & fantastic Comilla Victoria College. Because it's give you success, everything to complete your dream..

the Comilla University (CoU)

Comilla University great and awesome education place for students. It's located at Shalban Bihar, Kotbari. Which is great and awesome place for everyone. However, it's traditional place around the world. Because there have many history of Comilla.

Comilla University (CoU)

Comilla University

Here are some important & general information about the great, awesome, interesting university..
  • Address: CoU Road, Salmanpur, Kotbari - 3506
  • Established: 2006
  • Phone: +8808170015
  • Slogan: For better Education
  • Official Website:
  • Chancellor: President of Bangladesh 
  • Admission Type: Test
In the Comilla Cantonment Area, CoU most important to increase local & international education. Because here education proudly powerful for everyone in Bangladesh.